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Online Wilderness First Aid at the School of First Aid

Online Wilderness First Aid Certificate Course. If you do not require a WFA certification, but you desire the first aid knowledge taught in a traditional 16-hour WFA Course, then this course is for you. This course consists of all thirty-three lectures, demonstrations, videos and slides found in the traditional, onsite, two-day, sixteen-hour Wilderness First Aid certification course. Additional bonus content to include downloadable handouts and checklists are made available to you in this course. You will have the opportunity to test your new knowledge with graded quizzes and practice your skills in scenarios provided in this course. Upon successfully completing the lectures, demonstrations, scenarios and quizzes, you will be issued a completion certificate. Learn more about this online course here.

Do you need a Wilderness First Aid Certification for employment, volunteer work or Scouting? Earn your two-year, internationally recognized Wilderness First Aid Certification by registering in our online Wilderness First Aid Certification Course.

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