Test Your Wilderness First Aid Skills in a Virtual Reality Scenario

For over five decades Wilderness First Aid training has consisted of a two-day, sixteen-hour cram session where students are overwhelmed with information and allowed no time to remember what they learned. With over one hundred and seventeen steps in the Primary and Secondary Patient Assessment alone, it is impossible for a student to memorize all the steps in a sixteen-hour course. Missing just one step can mean the difference between and positive or negative outcome for the patient.

Virtual reality technology allows you to practice your first aid skills on a virtual patient and provide real-time feedback on your treatment of the patient. You are able to interview the patient, record vital signs and perform a physical exam. If the patient is injured, you are able to examine the injury site and make treatment decisions. At the end of the scenario, you will receive a debrief and a discussion of evacuation guidelines for the patient.

Test your Wilderness First Aid skills in the scenario “I Feel Nauseous.”

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