“Training Works!” Wilderness First Aid Graduates Applying Their Knowledge in the Field.

Less than eight weeks into Summer and graduates of the School of First Aid’s Online Wilderness First Aid Course are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

I have received several emails from graduates reporting how they are applying their Wilderness First Aid training.

Illnesses and Injuries Identified and Treated include:

  • Ruptured eardrums from a diving incident.
  • Alllergic reactions – Two seperate cases, a bee sting and a food allergy.
    • In both cases, the patients have a history of anaphylaxis but quick thinking by the graduates, and patients did not require their EpiPen.
  • Cuts requiring pressure dressings – Three reported cases.
  • Pericarditis – inflammation of the heart lining. The patient reported crushing chest pain and was presenting with the signs of a heart attack. The graduate correctly diagnoised the patient and provided rapid transport to the camp hospital.
  • Food Poisoning. The graduate correctly diagnoised food posioning verus gastroenteritis (stomach flu).
  • Ankle Fracture. The graduate applied a leg splint and the patient was carried to the trailhead for transport to the hospital.

What graduates are saying:

“The way you organize and present Wilderness First Aid using algorithms make it so easy to learn. This is my third WFA certification and the first time I can say that I really feel confident that I can apply what I learned. Best course ever!”

– Linda B.

“Just follow the diagrams in the book. The book really makes understanding Wilderness First Aid easy to learn and remember.”

– Dave K.

“I can not compliment you enough for your excellent material and your awesome personality.  You were a pleasure to meet, work with and learn from.   I was nervous but after a few minutes felt so comfortable and confident.    I will be purchasing your course for some of out youth staff who take our kids backpacking in the next few months. “

– Matt K.

Be someone’s hero. Learn more about the School of First Aid’s Wilderness First Aid Courses here.

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