Wilderness First Aid Certification Courses

Wilderness First Aid Certification Courses

Onsite, Virtual and Online WFA Courses

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy - 2021 Edition

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy - 2021 Edition

Your smart device plus this book equals a Wilderness First Aid Course In your hands

First Aid for New Parents

First Aid for New Parents

Your smart device plus this book equals a first aid course specifically for new parents.

Bleeding Control Course

Bleeding Control Course

Free online course on controlling traumatic bleeding

First Aid in a Dangerous World

Coming Spring 2021


Recertify Your Wilderness First Aid Certification in One Day

You no longer need to travel, stay two nights in a hotel and spend sixteen plus hours in a classroom to recertify your Wilderness First Aid certification. You can view all lectures and take all quizzes online and attend a one-day, COVID-19 safe, skills assessment. You will save time and money.

Review our COVID-19 Wilderness First Aid Skills Assessment Operating Procedures.

Learn more about One-Day WFA Certification here.

If you still have another year left on your WFA certification, why not prepare now to recertify, refresh your knowledge and stay current with Wilderness First Aid Made Easy. Your smart device plus this book equals a Wilderness First Aid Course in your hands. Available on Amazon.

Cold Stressed vs Mild Hypothermia

How to tell the difference between someone who is cold stressed and someone presenting with mild hypothermia.

Be Trained. Be prepared. Be someone’s hero. Online Wilderness First Aid training and certification courses are available through the School of First Aid.

This Wilderness First Aid Book Plus Your Smart Device Equals a Wilderness First Aid Course in Your Hands

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I am excited to announce the 2021 update to the Wilderness First Aid book that makes Wilderness First Aid easier to learn and remember. I read and researched Wilderness First Aid (WFA) textbooks from the major wilderness medical schools and reduced thousands of pages of text into intuitive, easy-to-use flow diagrams that will improve your understanding and increases your knowledge retention. Unlike textbooks that explain WFA using just words, Wilderness First Aid Made Easy graphically illustrates the entire patient care process. 

The 2021 Edition of Wilderness First Aid Made Easy goes another step further by enabling you to view over 50 presentations and demonstrations from the School of First Aid’s Wilderness First Aid course. To view the presentations, enable the QR Code reader on your smart device and point your smart device’s camera at the QR Code found on pages throughout this book. You will be directed to video demonstrations, classroom lectures and downloadable handouts. Each page is explained, step-by-step in using concise, to the point video presentations. Video demonstrations throughout the book will deepen your knowledge by illustrating the application of WFA concepts.

This Wilderness First Aid book and the bonus content appeals to a wide range of people who desire to be prepared during medical emergencies when EMS is more than a few minutes away.

  • For those who desire to learn how to render first aid and potentially save a life but do not have the time to attend a two-day Wilderness First Aid course, this book delivers a Wilderness First Aid course into your hands. You can study at your own pace and from any location.
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification students. This book can be used as a companion text during your Wilderness First Aid training and as a review tool during your two-year certification. In the classroom, This book is valuable in keeping you on task during the hands-on practice scenarios. Build confidence and muscle memory as you use the decision trees found in this book as cues for each step of the patent assessment and care process. During the lecture portion of a Wilderness First Aid course, this book is an excellent companion resource that increases knowledge retention by providing graphical views of the patient care process.

All students attending my Wilderness First Aid Certification courses receive a free copy of this book as part of their course resources.

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy 2021 Edition may be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

First Aid for New Parents

An online first aid course just for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, daycare professionals and nursery staff.

Give yourself, a friend or loved one the peace of mind that comes with this online course

  • Know if an infant is injured or ill
  • Learn how to treat infant common illnesses and injuries
  • Know if your infant needs immediate medical attention.
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New parents with an infant that is not feeling well often turn to Google searches attempting to guess what may be causing their child to be feeling ill. This online course, First Aid for New Parents eliminates the guesswork when attempting to decipher an infant’s cries, coughs, breathing and appearance when learning why an infant is acting ill. As infants grow and become more mobile, the potential for an accidental injury rises and parents and infant caregivers need to prepare themselves to treat life-threatening injuries and illnesses while they wait on EMS to arrive.

This course is different from other first aid courses. This course is specific to infants and the unique illnesses and injuries parents, grandparents and infant caregivers encounter. Unlike many first aid courses, this course does not rely on long, boring lectures and PowerPoint presentations. 

Unlike most first aid books, it does not use pages and chapters of text and pictures to explain first aid concepts. The book blends lively, to-the-point presentations with easy-to-understand (and remember) graphics with video demonstrations. 

In this course you will learn

  • Decipher infants coughs and abnormal breathing sounds. Audio demonstrations within the course presentations will familiarize you with coughs and breathing sounds that require immediate medical attention
  • Eliminate guesswork and uncertainty about illnesses are serious and require immediate medical attention
  • The proper way to clean cuts and scrapes to prevent infection
  • How to know if your infant has suffered an injury after bumping their head
  • Five techniques to stop bleeding

This online course is excellent for 

  • New Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Daycare professionals
  • Church nursery volunteers
  • Nannies
  • Babysitters

This course will teach you how to identify if an infant is ill and requires the parents to be notified or requires immediate medical attention. Help prevent the spread of contagious illnesses within a care facility or church nursery by knowing the signs and symptoms of common infant illnesses.

Learn more about the course here

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