Learn first aid quick and easy on your phone or tablet. View demonstrations and presentations that explain life saving first aid concepts.

The app distills hundreds of pages of text into less than fifty, easy-to-understand diagrams. Each page is explained by concise, to-the-point video presentations and demonstrations. You have a complete, sixteen-hour Wilderness First Aid course on your phone or tablet.

Select the video to learn more the Wilderness First Aid Made Easy app.

This app is a Wilderness First Aid course in your hands.

The author researched WFA textbooks from the major wilderness medical schools and reduced thousands of pages of text into intuitive, easy-to-use flow diagrams that will improve your understanding and increases your knowledge retention. Unlike textbooks that explain Wilderness First Aid using just words, Wilderness First Aid Made Easy App graphically illustrates the entire patient care process. 

This app goes another step further by enabling you to view over 50 presentations and demonstrations from the School of First Aid’s Wilderness First Aid course. To view the presentations, tap on the QR Code found on the screens  throughout this app. You will be directed to video demonstrations, classroom lectures and downloadable handouts. Each page is explained, step-by-step in using concise, to the point video presentations. Video demonstrations throughout the app will deepen your knowledge by illustrating the application of WFA concepts.

This app consists of pages of medical algorithms that walk you step-by-step through the patient care process.  You can start on Page 1, Scene Size-Up, read the contents of each box, answer the “Yes No” questions and this app will guide you through each step of identifying and treating injuries and providing first aid care for a patient.

This app provides you access to the lectures, presentations, demonstrations and handouts found in a traditional, sixteen hour Wilderenss First Aid Certification course. On each page of this app you will find QR Codes and tapping on these codes will display a webpage where you will be able to view a presentation or demonstration.

Tap on the QR Code in the upper right-hand corner of the page to view a video presentation.

Tap on the circles to advanced to the next page in the app.

Tap on the QR Codes found within the page to view video demonstrations and download bonus content.

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy is also available in paperback on Amazon.

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