Wilderness First Aid Made Easy App

A complete sixteen-hour Wilderness First Aid course on your phone or tablet.

Available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This app equals a two-day, sixteen-hour Wilderness First Aid course in your hands. You have access to over 50 video presentations and demonstrations and easy-to-understand diagrams that walk you step-by-step through the first aid care process.

The procedures and protocols in this app are based on the most current recommendations of responsible wilderness medical sources. Thousands of pages of Wilderness First Aid education text are distilled into less than 50 decision algorithms.

This app guides you through the primary assessment where you identify and treat life-threatening injuries that can kill a patient within the first few minutes of a medical emergency. In the secondary assessment, this app will assist you in identifying illness and injuries and instruct you on how to treat the illnesses and injuries while transporting the patient to definitive medical care.

You have access to the lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and handouts found in a traditional, sixteen-hour Wilderness First Aid Certification course. On each screen of this app, you will find QR Codes and tapping on these codes will display a webpage where you will be able to view a presentation or demonstration. Tap on the QR Code in the upper right-hand corner of the page to view a video presentation. Each page is explained, step-by-step in using concise, to-the-point video presentations that will deepen your knowledge by illustrating the application of Wilderness First Aid concepts.

Table of Contents

I               Quick Start Guide

II             About This App

III            Introduction from the Author

IV            Overall Care Flow Diagram

1              Scene Size-Up and Safety

2              Airway

3              Breathing

4              Circulation

5              Deformity

6              Disability

7              Environment

8              Secondary Assessment Care Flow

8A           Vital Signs

8B           SAMPLE History

9              Secondary Assessment Physical Exam

11           Abdominal Pain Table

12           Chest Pain Table

13           Spine Clearing

14           Abnormal Breathing

15           Anaphylaxis

16           Asthma

17           Breathing Too Fast/Slow

18           Allergic Reaction

19           Altered Level of Consciousness

20           Brain Injuries

21           Hypoglycemia

22           Heat Illnesses

23           Hypothermia

23A        Hypothermic Wrap

24           Shock

25           Chest Pain

26           Infection

27           Friction Blisters

28           Fractures, Sprains and Strains

28A        Arm Splints

28D        Leg Splints

29           Mammal Bites

30           Insect Bites and Stings

31           Snake Bites

32           Burns

33           Frostbite

34           Altitude Sickness

35           Impalements

36           Lightning Injuries

37           Bleeding Control

38           Bleeding Control – Direct Pressure

39           Bleeding Control – Thoracic Bleeding

40           Bleeding Control – Tourniquets

41           Bleeding Control – Pack Wound

42           Bleeding Control – Hemostatic Dressing

43           Amputations

44           Wound Care

45           Acronyms

46           SOAP Note

47           Sources

48           Index

This app appeals to a wide range of people who desire to be prepared during medical emergencies when EMS is more than a few minutes away.

For those who desire to learn how to render first aid but do not require to be certified, this app enables you to study at your own pace and from any location.

Wilderness First Aid Certification students. This app can be used as a companion during your Wilderness First Aid training and as a review tool during your two-year certification. In the classroom, this app is valuable in keeping you on task during the hands-on practice scenarios. Build confidence and muscle memory as you use the decision algorithms as cues for each step of the patent assessment and care process. During the lecture portion of a Wilderness First Aid course, this app is an excellent companion resource that increases knowledge retention by providing graphical views of the patient care process.

Available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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