Online Wilderness First Aid – Free Resources

We have many resources for Wilderness First Aid graduates and future students available for free. Check them out and also check out our Online Wilderness First Aid courses here.

  • Scenario Saturday. Almost every Saturday I release a new scenario that enables you to practice your first aid sleuthing skills. Check out this week’s scenario, “The Pale-Red Runner.”
  • Patient Care Flow Diagram. I’ve updated the Patient Care Flow Diagram and added bonus content accessible with hyperlinks and for the printed version, QR Codes. Bonus Content includes video demonstrations and lectures from the WFA Course that you can view on your cell phone or computer.
  • Bleeding Control Course. Review the Day 2 Bleeding Control lectures and demonstrations by viewing the free Bleeding Control Course. Included is a downloadable, updated Bleeding Control Flow Diagrams (with Bonus Content) and Wound Packing and Hemostatic Dressing demonstrations that I began including in my 2020 classes
  • Splinting. Review arm and leg splinting viewing the arm splinting demo and leg splinting demo. If you attended my classes before 2020, please check out the step-by-step, downloadable checklist for arm splinting and leg splinting.
  • YouTube Channel. View WFA lectures and demonstrations on our YouTube Channel.
  • Even More Resources. More resources to include downloadable blank SOAP Notes and links to more WFA lectures and demonstrations can be found here.
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