Online Wilderness First Aid Will Give You One Extra Weekend This Year.

You’ve been looking for a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification Course and in your search you discovered:

  • The closest Wilderness First Aid course is on a weekend you are not able to attend.
  • The WFA course that does have open seats is a three-hour drive away.
  • There are no courses available before you have to be certified.

The Virtual Wilderness First Aid Certification Course will give you a weekend back and allow you to earn your certification on your own terms.

Virtual training allows you to learn on your own schedule.  You don’t have to give up an entire weekend, drive hours to a course and pay for a hotel and meals.

Online WFA training reduces the frustration that all students feel. Information is being thrown at them so quickly that they feel like they are drinking from a firehose and attempting not to drown. In an online WFA course, you can view all the lectures and demonstrations and view them again if you like. You have the time to study handouts and bonus content downloadable throughout the course. Online WFA training reduces stress and anxiety.

The Virtual Wilderness First Aid Certification Course meets the Wilderness Medical Society Guidelines. All thirty-three lectures and demonstrations are available to view and review. Additionally, bonus content is downloadable throughout the course. Plus, you benefit from a teaching method that illustrates patient assessment and care, making it easier to retain what you learn during your two-year certification.

Learn more about online Wilderness First Aid here.

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