Students who are attending the course with a cohort.

  • A cohort is made up of two Skills Assessment participants who reside together and do not require to social distance from each other during the course. The cohort will take turns being a caregiver and patient during the course. If you are attending the Skills Assessment with a cohort, you will be emailed a cohort form.
  • All cohorts must download, print, and complete the Cohort Verification Form.

Students who are attending the Skills Assessment without a cohort. Manikin required.

Construct and bring to the skills assessment a full-body manikin using the instructions below.

For students who do not have a cohort (another student whom they live with) an improvised manikin will be required. 

Full-body Manikin Instructions  

  • Make as realistic of a manikin as possible
  • long-sleeved shirt 
  • long pants or overalls
  • gloves for hands
  • socks and footwear for feet
  • Head made from a balloon, stuffed bag or sack
  • Stuff the clothing, gloves and head with towels, sheets, newspaper to fill out the minikin
  • Attached the shirt, pants, gloves and socks with safety pins, wire ties or duct tape Make sure the torso won’t disconnect from the legs.  Elbows and knees joints to be moveable and finish with a pair of shoes.  

Example of a student constructed manikin with a leg splint.

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