Course Participant Agreement.

Download agreement here.

  • Please download form and complete it on your phone or computer and email to or text to 765.748.4667
  • Or print the form, complete it by hand, scan or take a picture of all pages of the completed form and email to or text to 765.748.4667.


You will complete two SOAP Notes during the class and submit these to the instructor for evaluation as part of your Skills Assessment. The SOAP Note is a fillable form so you may complete it on your phone or computer or print and fill out the form by hand.

  • Download Soap Note here.

Once you have completed the SOAP Note you may email it to or text to 765.748.4667.

If you filled out the SAOP Note by hand, scan or take a picture of the completed note and email it to or text to 765.748.4667.

Manikin Construction Instructions

We will be conducting skills practice and assessment in Zoom Rooms. Course participants will be assigned two to a Zoom Room and take turns acting in the role of patient and caregiver.

You will construct a manikin to be used during the skills practice and assessment portions of the course.

As a caregiver, you will practice patient assessment using your manikin while another student will play the role of patient, providing feedback while you are performing a patient assessment on your manikin. Each participant acting in the role of a patient will be supplied with a “Patient Card” that provides details that the patient will read back to the caregiver as they perform the patient assessment.

Your manikin will allow you to practice patient assessments, apply splints and practice log rolls and recovery rolls. Another student will be the voice of your patient supplying you with information, feedback and vital signs when you ask for them. The student playing the role of the patient will be supplied with detailed patient information allowing you to practice identifying and treating illnesses and injuries.

Full-body Manikin Instructions  

  • Make the manikin as realistic of a manikin as possible
  • Long-sleeved shirt 
  • Long pants or overalls
  • Gloves for hands
  • Socks and footwear for feet
  • Head made from a balloon, stuffed bag or sack
  • Stuff the clothing, gloves and head with towels, sheets, newspaper to fill out the manikin
  • Attached the shirt, pants, gloves and socks with safety pins, wire ties or duct tape Make sure the torso won’t disconnect from the legs.  Elbows and knees joints to be moveable and finish with a pair of shoes.  
Example of a manikin used by a participant to apply a leg splint
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