PT Scenario Back Story: You were riding your horse on a trail.  The horse saw something on the trail that scared it and you were thrown from the horse and you landed on your head. You are laying on the ground on your back with your face pointing straight up at the sky. You are responsive to only to pain.

PT Exam. Watch the caregiver while they perform the Primary and Secondary Assessment. When the caregiver rolls you (the manikin) on the side and palpates the spine – moan when (or if) the caregiver touches the cervical spine – the back of the neck. If the caregiver does not palpate the cervical spine (neck) – don’t moan. During the Secondary Assessment – watch the caregiver and if the caregiver looks behind the ears of the manikin or the caregiver verbalizes “I am looking behind the ears” – come out of character and say “You see bruising behind the ears” and then go back into character.

Debrief. Your caregiver should perform a Primary and Secondary Assessment. When the caregiver has completed the Primary and Secondary Assessment provide you caregiver feedback.

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