This Wilderness First Aid book, when paired with your smart device, is like free Wilderness First Aid Course.

Wilderness First Aid Book - Free Wilderness First Aid Course
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Other Wilderness First Aid books require you to read hundreds of pages of information and you are responsible for attempting to put all the information together and apply what you read.

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy eliminates all of the boring reading. In the book, you will see each page consists of a diagram. The one-page diagrams (also called “Algorithms”) fully explain each first aid concept, reducing dozen of pages of text into a one-page, intuitive, easy-to-understand, and remember diagram. These diagrams drastically reduce the time spent reading and taking notes. Paired with each algorithm are concise, to-the-point presentations, each of which is less than nines minutes in length that explain each diagram fully. See the YouTube videos below.

This book includes all the knowledge found in a Wilderness First Aid Course. You’ll be able to view every presentation and demonstration while you follow along with the workflow diagram on each page.

If you require a Wilderness First Aid Certification for employment or volunteer work, please see the School of First Aid WFA Certification course here.

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The book will improve your understanding and increase your knowledge retention. Unlike books that explain WFA using just words, Wilderness First Aid Made Easy graphically illustrates the entire patient care process. 

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy enables you to view over 50 presentations and demonstrations from the School of First Aid’s Wilderness First Aid course. To view the presentations, enable the QR Code reader on your smart device and point your smart device’s camera at the QR Code found on pages throughout this book. You will be directed to video demonstrations, classroom lectures, and downloadable handouts. Each page is explained, step-by-step using concise, to-the-point video presentations. Video demonstrations throughout the book will deepen your knowledge by illustrating the application of WFA concepts.

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Check out these tabletop scenarios and watch how you can use Wilderness First Aid Made Easy to identify and treat illnesses and injuries

This Wilderness First Aid book and the bonus content appeal to a wide range of people who desire to be prepared during medical emergencies when EMS is more than a few minutes away.

All students attending the School of First Aid’s Wilderness First Aid Certification courses receive a free copy of this book as part of their course resources.

Purchased your copy at Amazon

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