Your smart device plus this book equals a first aid course specifically for new parents.

First Aid for New Parents helps eliminate the guesswork when attempting to decipher an infant’s cries, coughs, breathing and appearance when an infant is ill. As infants grow and become more mobile, the potential for an accidental injury rises and parents need to prepare themselves to treat life threatening injuries and illnesses while they wait on EMS to arrive.

I read and researched textbooks from the major first responder medical training schools and consolidated thousands of pages of text into intuitive, easy-to-use flow diagrams that graphically illustrate infant first aid treatment and care. 

You will learn how to:

  • Decipher infants coughs and unusual breathing sounds. Point your cell phone camera towards the QRCodes found in the book to listen to examples of coughs and unusual breathing. You can then follow a flow diagram that will walk you step-by-step in understanding if your infant requires immediate medical attention.
  • Treat common infant illnesses and injuries. 
  • Understand when an illness or injury requires immediate medical attention

First Aid for New Parents goes another step further by enabling you to view over 30 presentations and demonstrations on your smart device. Each page of this book is explained, step-by-step in using concise, to the point video presentations. Video demonstrations throughout the book will deepen your knowledge by illustrating the application of first aid concepts. Enable the QR Code reader on your smart device and point your smart device’s camera at the QR Code found on pages throughout this book. You will be directed to engaging video demonstrations and classroom lectures.

The book is excellent for parents, grandparents, daycare professionals, church nursery volunteers, nannies and babysitters.

You may purchase First Aid for New Parents here.

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