If you don’t need a certification for employment, but you desire the knowledge, this online course is for you. This course is a complete Wilderness First Aid course with all fifty video lectures, demonstrations, and practice scenarios. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Learn on your phone, tablet or computer. Included with the course is a free paperback copy of the book, Wilderness First Aid Made Easy.

Over 50 video lectures and demonstrations are included with the course.

No matter the situation, when EMS is more than a few minutes away this course will educate you on how to identify and treat life-threatening injuries and how to continue to proved care while waiting on EMS to arrive – from several minutes to several hours.

The course explains Wilderness First Aid using easy-to-understand algorithms that walk you step-by-step through illness and injury identification and treatment. Each section is explained using concise, to-the-point video presentations and demonstrations.

But unlike most all online first aid course, this course allows you to interact with your instructor. Every Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM EDT on Zoom, Jeff holds Instructor Office Hours. Students are able to ask questions and discuss first aid topics with Jeff. You will receive a Zoom registration link with the purchase of the course.

Learn more about this online Wilderness First Aid course and how to register here.

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